Radio Círculo broadcast "Entre el murmullo y el vuelo"


On Wednesday April 11, at 4 p.m., the radio program "Definición de savia" (Radio Círculo, 100.4 FM) relayed excerpts of the work Entre el murmullo y el vuelo, scenic piece by Sergio Blardony with poetic texts of Pilar Martín Gila, in an interview with the writer on his book Ordet, from which the poems of the musical work. Entre el murmullo y el vuelo is a piece for actress, soprano saxophone/bass and electronics, including in "La geometría y el temblor", a show that explores multicisciplinar relations poetry-music-art scene, and that complete with Lo que empieza a ser contorno, by Edith Alonso on texts by Juan Carlos Suñén and the video creation "Tracto" of the multidisciplinary artist Marta Azparren, also responsible for staging. The pre-premiere of this show, from which the recording is heard, took place last March in the Poetry Center "José Hierro" (Getafe, Madrid), performed by Andrés Gomis (saxophone) and Prado Pinilla (actress).
Info: "La geometría y el temblor" website
Radio Círculo: "Definición de savia" website

Pre-premiere of the stage show "La geometría y el temblor" in the Poetry Center José Hierro


On Thursday March 22 at 8pm in the auditorium of Poetry Center "José Hierro" (Getafe, Madrid), will be a preview of "La geometría y el temblor", a stage show with two poetic-musical works: Entre el murmullo y el vuelo by Sergio Blardony (poems by Pilar Martín Gila), and Lo que empieza a ser contorno by Edith Alonso (poems by Juan Carlos Suñén). The show contains a video creation, Tracto by Marta Azparren with music by Sergio Blardony, who will act as an interlude, transition between the two works. As interpreters will Andrés Gomis (saxophones), Antony Maubert (electronic and electroacoustic improvisation) and Prado Pinilla (actress). The staging is done by Marta Azparren, with lighting design by Sergio G. Dominguez. The show is produced by IFIDMA.
More info: Centro de Poesía José Hierro
Dossier: project in IFIDMA webpage

Conference-concert at the TIMC on the work "Memoria, espacio difuso del olvido"


On Sunday March 4 Sergio Blardony will lecture about his work Memoria, espacio difuso del olvido, in the activities organized in the TIMC (Workshop of Contemporary Music Performance), led by the pianist and conductor Jean-Pierre Dupuy. The conference will be held at the Cultural Center Paco Rabal (Madrid) at 11 am, including the interpretation of the work by Dupuy.
More info: Cultural Center Paco Rabal


Periferia Sheet Music published the score of "Fragmentos de un tiempo deshabitado"


The work, written for solo clarinet and clarinet quartet (2 Bb clarinets and 2 bass clarinet), was premiered by Florian Popa and 10th & Broadway (clarinet quartet) on 7 August last year ClarinetFest 2011 in Los Angeles (California). Fragmentos de un tiempo deshabitado ("Fragments of an uninhabited time") working on a superposition of planes that refer to temporal aspects, and uses space as a suggestion the final sequence of the film L'Eclisse Michelangelo Antonioni.
More info: Periferia Sheet Music

The JORCAM presents the world premiere of "Entre dos extremos negros" at the Festival of Madrid COMA11


On Tuesday December 13, in the chamber hall of the National Music Auditorium (Madrid), will premiere Entre dos extremos negros, work by Sergio Blardony written for orchestra, electronics and recitation on stage, with texts by José Luis Gómez Toré,  contained in the book Claroscuro del bosque, an interdisciplinary work poetry and drawing with artist Marta Azparren. The work is suggested by the meeting between Paul Celan and Martin Heidegger held in the cabin of the philosopher in the Black Forest, and that the composer uses as a metaphor for the encounters impossible. The premiere will take place in the COMA Festival 2011 in Madrid, and performance is provided by the JORCAM directed by Andrés Salado, and Christian Fernández, reciter.
More info: http://www.auditorionacional.mcu.es

World premiere of music and poetry show "La voz encantada" at the Bilbao BBK Festival


On Tuesday 25 October at 19.30, will premiere at the Sala de Bilbao BBK show "The voice thrilled," formed by works Ciervos detrás del bosque by Juan Manuel Artero, with poems by Esther Ramon, and Dejó de oírse y fue la mañana, by Sergio Blardony, with poems by Pilar Martin Gila, and a third act in which the improvisation group Sin Red.
 The common thread that links the show is a reflection on the written and unwritten, which will be displayed from a vision multicisciplinar intended as a "proposal of genre" between opera, lied and the "melólogo" (melodram).
ProyectoeLe vocal group, saxophonists Andrés Gomis and Chefa Alonso, and actress Gloria Vega will be the performers of the works. Stage direction is provided by Rosario Ruiz Rogers and the staging is Curtidores de Teatro.
More info: http://www.salabbk.es/archives/1365
Dossier: http://lavozencantada.ifidma.com