La bujía de Stromboli at Mostra Sonora 2021

The Mostra Sonora 2021, which is held in Sueca (Valencia), will host on June 18 at 8 pm. the performance of Sergio Blardony's work La bujía de Stromboli, an ensemble, electronics and video piece based on texts by Pilar Martín Gila, with video art by Eduardo Momeñe. This group version is written by commission of the Nuevo Ensemble de Segovia, which will also be the one that will perform it on this occasion, conducted by Chema García Portela. The concert will take place at the Bernat i Baldoví Theater in this Valencian town. Along with Blardony's work, others by Juan Martínez Pérez, Ángela Gallego, Mario Carro, Flores Chaviano, can be heard in a program entitled "InterseccioneSg".

World premiere of "Confinamiento", radio play

On Tuesday, June 1, at 1 AM (early Monday), you will be able to hear the premiere of Confinamiento, a radio play with text by Pilar Martín Gila and music by Sergio Blardony. The work was presented by Radio Nacional de España as a national representation for the Palma Ars Acustica 2021 of the EBU. The piece can be heard on the program La Casa del Sonido on Radio Clásica (RNE), hosted by José Luis Carles and Cristina Palmese.