Interview with Sergio Blardony about "Rastro de murmullos" in Sul Ponticello

Sul Ponticello magazine published an review of the score Rastro de murmullos by Sergio Blardony, published recently by Quodlibet, which includes an interview with the author.

Quodlibet published the work "Rastro de murmullos" by Sergio Blardony

The journal Quodlibet (Aula de Música of the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares) recently published, in the issue 46, January-April 2010, the work Rastro de murmullos by Sergio Blardony. The work was commissioned by the CDMC - National Institute for the Performing Arts and Music - INAEM (Autonomous Body attached to the Ministry of Culture). The composition is intended to be a work on the sound space, time and stage movement, and uses a poem in the collection Demonios y Leyes written by the poet Pilar Martín Gila.