Radio Clásica broadcast, "Crónica para entenderse con lo antiguo"

On August 7 was heard in the program Ars Sonora Classic Radio, Crónica para entenderse con lo antiguo, Sergio Blardony work written in 2000 for baritone saxophone and pedalófono. In this program, dedicated to the saxophone and electronics in various forms, saxophonist Andres Gomis reflects on his work in collaboration with other composers of different generations, as Jesus Rueda, Jesus Villa Rojo, Juan Carlos Duque Sergio Blardony.
Click here to listen to the podcast of the program.

Interview with Sergio Blardony about "Rastro de murmullos" in Sul Ponticello

Sul Ponticello magazine published an review of the score Rastro de murmullos by Sergio Blardony, published recently by Quodlibet, which includes an interview with the author.