Conference-concert at the TIMC on the work "Memoria, espacio difuso del olvido"

On Sunday March 4 Sergio Blardony will lecture about his work Memoria, espacio difuso del olvido, in the activities organized in the TIMC (Workshop of Contemporary Music Performance), led by the pianist and conductor Jean-Pierre Dupuy. The conference will be held at the Cultural Center Paco Rabal (Madrid) at 11 am, including the interpretation of the work by Dupuy.
More info: Cultural Center Paco Rabal

Periferia Sheet Music published the score of "Fragmentos de un tiempo deshabitado"

The work, written for solo clarinet and clarinet quartet (2 Bb clarinets and 2 bass clarinet), was premiered by Florian Popa and 10th & Broadway (clarinet quartet) on 7 August last year ClarinetFest 2011 in Los Angeles (California). Fragmentos de un tiempo deshabitado ("Fragments of an uninhabited time") working on a superposition of planes that refer to temporal aspects, and uses space as a suggestion the final sequence of the film L'Eclisse Michelangelo Antonioni.