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Aural (2017)

Move and resonance etude for solo clarinet or clarinet and piano

Instrumentation: clarinet | piano [optional]
Date: 2017
Duration: 6'35"
Commission: José María Santandreu.
World premiere: XIV COMA 2017 Festival, CentroCentro, Madrid, 11/05/2017. Clarinet and piano version.
Luis Fernández Castelló (cl.), Carlos Apellániz (piano).
Other performances: Kuraia Festival 2019, Bilbao, 10/14/2019. Clarinet and piano version.
Luis Fernández Castelló (cl.), Carlos Apellániz (piano).
Score: Babel Scores.
ISMN: 979-0-2325-3941-6
Recording: Festival COMA.
8D video. José María Santandreu, clarinet.
Comment: Aural alludes to sound, but also to what surrounds it, the halo that surrounds something, its aura. In this piece, conceived simultaneously in two versions - solo clarinet and clarinet and piano - I have worked on that which surrounds, the resonance, the hidden sonar, and also the gesture, the movement.

In the version with piano, it fulfils that resonant role, a kind of metaphorical state of resonance. I was interested in working with an instrument of great importance to oppose the instrument in the limelight, placing it almost always in the second term, as if it were a kind of shadow-light of the clarinet, perhaps its aura.

On the other hand, the gestural aspect in the clarinet looks for sound, not only a movement of the interpreter in scene. A backward turn will hide the sound; an elevation of the instrument will project the sound upwards... It is not a question of "choreographing" music but of giving a gestural sense to the musical and sound idea.