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La madre parada (2016)

Contrabass clarinet & electronics. Poem by Pilar Martín Gila.

Instrumentation: contrabass clarinet | electronics [2 chn.]
Date: 2016
Duration: 9'08"
Texts: Poetic text by Pilar Martín Gila (from the book La cerillera).
Commission: Santiago Martínez Abad.
World premiere: Punto de Encuentro Festival 2016, CSM Málaga, Concert hall, 11/26/2016.
Santiago Martínez Abad (contrabass cl.).
Other performances: MDW Festsaal, Viena, Austria, 4/1/2019. Matej Bunderla (baritone saxophone). Peter Venus (electronics).
kultum, ImCubus, Graz, Austria, 4/3/2019. Same performers.
Score: PDF (author edition).
Recordings: Baritone sax version: New music for saxophone. David Hernando Vítores. Amazon, Spotify, Deezer.
Comment: La madre parada explores pain, the pain of the loss of a loved one . In particular, I am interested in the contrast between two types of pain, which sometimes overlap and at other times occur separately: torn pain (corporeal, carnal, entrained, etc.) and balsamic pain -and it could be said, in some way, pleasant, but always sad- that the memory of the loved one leaves, in the sweetest memories.

The poem by Pilar Martín Gila acts as a way of conducting the work, a poetic "guide" that is broken, and which suggests to me both the abrupt disappearance of the loved one and the abyss of silence that opens with his absence; and I also think I see in this poem, dimly, that form of balsamic pain to which I alluded earlier.

The work with the double bass clarinet has allowed me a wide spectrum of translation from the conceptual to the sonorous. From the tear to the sweetest sounds, through the compressed sound of the interior of the tube without a mouthpiece, the instrument adapts very interestingly to the work that developed in this study.