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Como el sufrir de la nada [Clitemnestra], como la nada (2005)

"Anti-Concert" for cello & symphonic orchestra.

Instrumentation: 2[muta picc].2[muta c.ing].2[muta cl.b].2[muta cfg] | | timp | 2 perc | arpa |
Soloist: Violoncello
Date: 2005
Duration: 15'
World premiere: Obra no estrenada.
Score: PDF (author edition).
Comment: The melodic idea that constitutes the generating material of the composition is based on a fragment from a choir of Euripides’ Orestes. This melodic idea, throughout the composition, develops the concept of absence, which is given form as an experience of sound by the progressive disappearance of the solo instrument (which introduces, at the beginning, the melodic line) in a musical process that silences its voice without replacing it, letting thus this voice be introduced in the silence, in what is missing and which the orchestra will not pick up. It finishes with a coda, which is a synthesis of the melodic material stripped of any rhythmic allusion, like a memory, an essential image of what was its shape.
Documents: Complete comment [english & spanish]