"Un soplo que vacía el pecho" winner at the NMC 2019 International Call for Scores


The New-Music Consortium, University of South Florida’s student-run new music organization, has named Sergio Blardony (Spain) and Gintas Kraptavičius (Lithuania) the winners of the 2019 International Call for Scores. The selected works will be performed on the New-Music Consortium’s April 5th concert at the University of South Florida’s School of Music. The concert will take place at 7:30pm in USF’s Barness Recital Hall and is free and open to the public. The New-Music Consortium announced their call for scores during the fall of 2018 and received 175 submissions from 40 countries. The call for scores was open to composers of all ages and all career stages, with the categories of acoustic chamber music and electronic music. Through a blind judging process, the members of the New-Music Consortium selected one winning work in each category.
More info: Notice at USF website

"Red Werther" at Synchresis Program 36


On Tuesday, January 29, at 12 pm, you can see and listen Red Werther, video creation by Marta Azparren with music by Sergio Blardony and the participation cellist Trino Zurita. It will be within the program 36 of Synchresis that is celebrated in the II Cultural Week of the CPM "Manuel Carra" of Malaga. The program includes works of video music of Claudia Larcher, Daisuke Nakajoh, Pedro Linde and Francesc Martí.
More info: Synchresis Program 36

Monographic CD at issue 56 of Sibila magazine


The magazine Sibila has published in its issue 56 a monographic CD with four works by Sergio Blardony about texts from the poetry collection Otro año del mundo by Pilar Martín Gila. The works, written for different instrumental ensembles between voice, clarinet/bass clarinet, guitar and electronics, are performed by the Sevillian ensemble Project OCNOS. The publication includes several poems from that book as well as a text about the music and poetry project written by Ildefonso Rodríguez.
More info: Revista Sibila

World premiere "Detrás de los párpados" at EPOS Lab 2018


On Saturday, December 15, at 7,30 pm, the premiere of the EPOS Lab 2018 assembly will take place, in which Detrás de los párpados will be performed for the first time, the work of Sergio Blardony on a poem by Pilar Martín Gila, written for mezzo, cello, electronics and video. The concert-stage, result of the music-word creation and research laboratory directed by the composer, will take place in one of its venues, the CC Conde Duque, Madrid. In addition to this work, will be premiered works of the two guests of this edition of EPOS Lab: Una persecución en la sombra, Alberto Arroyo on a poem by Guadalupe Grande, andConservaba en la retina el negativo de la imagen circular, by César Camarero about a poem by Menchu Gutiérrez. The performers will be Marta Knörr (mezzo), Raúl Marcos (actor and staging) and the Trio Arbós. The sound design will be in charge of Juan Carlos Ares and in the audiovisual documentation Juan Vicente Chuliá.
More info: CC Conde Duque

World premiere "Apenas un roce" at Los Jameos del Agua


On Saturday, December 1, at 9 pm., the Ensemble Falla will premiere Apenas un roce, work by Sergio Blardony about a poem by Pilar Martín Gila, written as a commission for this ensemble for his concert presentation. The concert will take place in Los Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote (Canary Islands), and the program will be able to listen to works by Alberto Bernal, Roberto Sierra, Nino Diaz, Ligeti and Falla.
More info: Fundación Nino Díaz

"Una historia donde nieva fuera" at Cologne


The ensemble Continuum XXI, conducted by Alberto Arroyo, perform on Wednesday, November 28, at 8 pm, Una historia donde nieva fuera in Alte Feuerwache Köln (Germany). The work, written by Sergio Blardony about a poem by Pilar Martín Gila, uses the totality of this Baroque group (recorder, baroque violin, viola da gamba and harpsichord) and two speakers that function as characters, carrying the voices. The concert, entitled "Poesie Der Extreme", alternates baroque music with contemporary, with works by José Mª Sánchez-Verdú, Georg Ph. Telemann, Luciano Berio, Marin Marais, Alberto Bernal, György Ligeti and Tarquinio Merula.
More info: ON Neue Musik Köln