Gombau Trio releases "Luz de campanas" in Laredo ClassFestival


The world premiere will be performed by the Trio Gombau, formed by musicians Carlos Galán (piano), Carlos Benito Gala (violin) and Alberto Gorrochategui (cello) on Wednesday August 21 at 8.30 pm. in the Church of San Francisco in Laredo (Cantabria, Spain), within II Laredo ClassFestival concert dedicated to the music of the XX and XXI centuries. In addition to this first performance of the play Luz de campanas ("Light of bells") by Sergio Blardony may hear works by S. Dodgson, S. Hough, G. Ligeti, Raquel Rodríguez and G. Gershwin.
More info: II Laredo ClassFestival 2013

Premiere of poetic-musical show La geometría y el temblor at the festival Summer Classics in El Escorial


On Saturday, July 6 at 8 pm in the Sala de Morales Cristóbal of El Escorial (Madrid), will be held the premiere of Entre el murmullo y el vuelo, work for saxophones, actress and electronics by Sergio Blardony, inspired by the book of poems Ordet by Pilar Martín Gila. This work is part of the show "La geometría y el temblor", a stage proposal involving music, poetry and visual arts.
The show contains other pieces: Tracto a video art by Marta Azparren with music by Blardony, and Lo que empieza a ser contorno, by Edith Alonso, for bass saxophone and performer of electroacoustic about the book of poems La habitación amarilla by Juan Carlos Suñén. The staging is done by Marta Azparren, lighting design by Sergio G. Dominguez, and performers are Prado Pinilla (actress), Andrés Gomis (saxophones) and Antony Maubert (electro).
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"Tracto" in the Meet in Beijing festival


From April 29 to May 3 will display the work Tracto in l festival "Looking", a sample of the latest Spanish video art to be held in China in collaboration with MADATAC, Spanish video art festival held each year in Madrid. Tracto is a piece of visual artist Marta Azparren, with music by Sergio Blardony, part of the show "La geometría y el temblor". The exhibition will take place in the space of the Cervantes Institute in Beijing Art Fair in the Meet in Beijing festival, the most important cultural event held in China.
More info: Cervantes Institute - Pekin

World premiere of "Metaphors of metals" at the Teatro Calderon in Valladolid


On Wednesday, April 24, at 8 p.m., Will premiere the work Metaphors of metals, written by Sergio Blardony for clarinet trio, piano and violin. The interpretation will be for Iñesta Perez Trio at Sala Delibes of Teatro Calderón in Valladolid. Along with this piece, perform works by Darius Milhaud, Thomas Johnson, Luciano Berio, Charles Ives and Wolfgang Rhim.
More info: http://www.tcalderon.com

Improvisation based on the musical work "El murmullo y el vuelo"


On Friday April 12, at 20 h. be presented at Enclave (Madrid) the collection of poems entitled Ordet by Pilar Martín Gila. The presentation will conclude with an improvisation on materials of El murmullo y el vuelo, musical work by Sergio Blardony, written for the show "La geometría y el temblor". Ildefonso Rodriguez (saxophone), Chefa Alonso (percussion) and Peter Memmer (electroacoustic) will improvisers to perform at this time.
More info: Enclave

OCAZEnigma commissioned a work to Sergio Blardony


The Chamber Orchestra Auditorio de Zaragoza "Enigma" (OCAZEnigma) has commissioned the composer Sergio Blardony a work for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola and cello, to be performed by this ensemble on November 12, 2013, conducted by Juan José Olives. The premiere will take place in Room Galve of the Zaragoza Auditorium and also play in the cycle of ensembles in which the ensemble participates with major Spanish contemporary music formations.