"Erle" at Spanish National Radio


On Thursday, October 25 at 5 pm., Sergio Blardony's work Erle, for soprano, a guitarist with two guitars and bass clarinet, written on a poem by Pilar Martín Gila, will be heard on Spanish National Radio. The recording belongs to the world premiere of the work by Proyecto OCNOS, performed within the framework of the Music Festival of Tres Cantos 2016.
More info: Spanish National Radio schedule

World premiere "Y apenas paso la mano por el vacío" at Brno


On Saturday, October 13, at 7.30 pm., PluralEnsemble, conducted by Fabián Panisello, premiered the work Y apenas paso la mano por el vacío of Sergio Blardony, written for ensemble about a poem by Pilar Martín Gila. It will be in the Sala de la Filarmónica de Brno (Czech Republic), together with works by Israel López Estelche, Jan Vadillo, Ivo Medek, Peter Graham and Fabián Fanisello.
More info: Brno Philarmonic

World premiere of the clarinet and electronic version of "Sueña el río" performed by José Mª Santandreu


Next Thursday, October 11, at 7 pm., there will be the world premiere of the clarinet and electronics version of Sueña el río, a piece by Sergio Blardony about a poem by Pilar Martín Gila. The premiere will be performed by José Mª Santandreu. In the electronic, the voices of Cova Villegas, Conxi Valero and Pilar Martín Gila are heard. The concert will take place in the Manuel de Falla Room of the SGAE, in Madrid, within the COMA 2018 Festival. In the program, you can also hear works by Santiago Lanchares, Agustín G. Acilu and Cruz López de Rego.
More info: COMA Festival

Two works by Sergio Blardony at the NAK Festival


On Friday, September 28, at 8 pm., "La luz de Dreyer" will be premiered, a stage proposal with two works by Sergio Blardony: Entre el murmullo y el vuelo, about texts by Pilar Martín Gila, for actress, saxophone sopr./bajo and electronica, and Disembodied, on a video art by Marta Azparren, for clarinet, bass clarinet and electronics. It will be at the Civivox Condestable in Pamplona, within the NAK Festival 2018, this year dedicated to the relationship between film and experimental music. The artistic team will be formed by Prado Pinilla (actress), Andrés Gomis (saxophones), Uxue Roncal and Javi Pérez (clarinets), Marta Azparren (staging). Sergio Blardony will give a preview (18h.), In which he will talk about his relationship with the word and the works that will be performed.
More info: NAK Festival

"La bujía de Stromboli" at the Spanish Music Festival of León


On September 25, 8.30 pm., at the Ángel Barja Auditorium (León, Spain), Nuevo Ensemble de Segovia, condected by Chema García Portela, will perform La bujía de Stromboli, by Sergio Blardony ensemble, video and electronics version. This piece, initially written for trio, works on texts by Pilar Martín Gila and a video art by Eduardo Momeñe, both written for the musical work. In the concert, inscribed in the XXXI Spanish Music Festival León dos mil'18, pieces by Ángela Gallego, Enrique Muñoz, Adolfo Núñez, Consuelo Díez, Flores Chaviano and José Mª García Laborda will also be performed.
More info: festival website

Ensemble Kuraia premieres "Un soplo que vacía el pecho" at the COMA Festival


Teatros del Canal, Madrid, Ensemble Kuraia, conducted by Andrea Cazzaniga, premieres Un soplo que vacía el pecho, work by Sergio Blardony written for a ensemble on a text by Pilar Martín Gila. The piece is commissioned by the Ensemble Kuraia and INAEM and can be heard at other ensemble  concerts this fall. The concert on Sunday takes place in the context of the COMA 2018 Festival.
More info: COMA Festival website