World premiere of "Metaphors of metals" at the Teatro Calderon in Valladolid

On Wednesday, April 24, at 8 p.m., Will premiere the work Metaphors of metals, written by Sergio Blardony for clarinet trio, piano and violin. The interpretation will be for Iñesta Perez Trio at Sala Delibes of Teatro Calderón in Valladolid. Along with this piece, perform works by Darius Milhaud, Thomas Johnson, Luciano Berio, Charles Ives and Wolfgang Rhim.

Improvisation based on the musical work "El murmullo y el vuelo"

On Friday April 12, at 20 h. be presented at Enclave (Madrid) the collection of poems entitled Ordet by Pilar Martín Gila. The presentation will conclude with an improvisation on materials of El murmullo y el vuelo, musical work by Sergio Blardony, written for the show "La geometría y el temblor". Ildefonso Rodriguez (saxophone), Chefa Alonso (percussion) and Peter Memmer (electroacoustic) will improvisers to perform at this time.