The JORCAM presents the world premiere of "Entre dos extremos negros" at the Festival of Madrid COMA11

On Tuesday December 13, in the chamber hall of the National Music Auditorium (Madrid), will premiere Entre dos extremos negros, work by Sergio Blardony written for orchestra, electronics and recitation on stage, with texts by José Luis Gómez Toré. The premiere will take place in the COMA Festival 2011 in Madrid, and performance is provided by the JORCAM directed by Andrés Salado, and Christian Fernández, reciter.

World premiere of music and poetry show "La voz encantada" at the Bilbao BBK Festival

On Tuesday 25 October at 19.30, will premiere at the Sala de Bilbao BBK show "La voz encantada", formed by works Ciervos detrás del bosque by Juan Manuel Artero, with poems by Esther Ramon, and Dejó de oírse y fue la mañana, by Sergio Blardony, with poems by Pilar Martin Gila, and a third act in which the improvisation group Sin Red. The common thread that links the show is a reflection on the written and unwritten, which will be displayed from a vision multicisciplinar intended as a "proposal of genre" between opera, lied and the melólogo (melodram). ProyectoeLe vocal group, saxophonists Andrés Gomis and Chefa Alonso, and actress Gloria Vega will be the performers of the works. Stage direction is provided by Rosario Ruiz Rogers and the staging is Curtidores de Teatro.