World premiere "Viaje de vuelta" at IV SOXXI Festival

On Saturday May 24th, at 7 pm, the closure of SOXXI Festival will host the world premiere of Viaje de vuelta, a work of Sergio Blardony with texts by Pilar Martín Gila, Ovid and Sappho, written for soprano, flute, guitar, 3 percussions, vocal ensemble and electronics. The work was commissioned by the festival for the closing concert of the cycle and will be performed at the Theatre "Pope Calixte III" of the Valencian town of Canals, in the second part of the program, along with a piece of Mercedes Zavala. In the first part of the concert works by Crumb, Koshinski Witacre and composers will be performed. The interpreters of the works will SOXXI Ensemble, L'Ensemble Vocal, Cristina Martínez (soprano), Montserrat Montalvo (flute), Jose Luis Silvaje (classical guitar), conducted by Francisco Tortosa.

"...y los árboles se convirtieron en reyes" at Cádiz, Spain

On Thursday, May 22 at 19.30 h., Synchrony Duo play ...y los árboles se convirtieron en reyes, Sergio Blardony work for bass and piano saxophone, in the Auditorium of the House of the Arts (Cádiz, Spain) at a concert in which the duo also perform works by A. Teruel, J. Torres, C. Cerezo, N. Walsh, J. González and F. Martín Quintero.