"Tracto" is displayed in the EXiS Experimental Film and Video Festival Seoul

From 4 to September 11 will display the work Tracto in the EXiS Experimental Film and Video Festival Seoul, a sample of the latest Spanish video art coming to South Korea through MADATAC, Spanish video art festival held each year in Madrid, and selecting a number of works for other festivals. Tract is a piece of visual artist Marta Azparren, with music by Sergio Blardony, part of the show "La geometría y el temblor".

Gombau Trio releases "Luz de campanas" in Laredo ClassFestival

The world premiere will be performed by the Trio Gombau, formed by musicians Carlos Galán (piano), Carlos Benito Gala (violin) and Alberto Gorrochategui (cello) on Wednesday August 21 at 8.30 pm. in the Church of San Francisco in Laredo (Cantabria, Spain), within ClassFestival concert dedicated to the music of the XX and XXI centuries. In addition to this first performance of the play Luz de campanas ("Light of bells") by Sergio Blardony may hear works by S. Dodgson, S. Hough, G. Ligeti, Raquel Rodríguez and G. Gershwin.