Trío De Magia performs the world premiere of "La bujía de Stromboli" at the XIII FestTC 2013

On September 29 at 7 p.m., in the theater of the House of Culture of Tres Cantos (Madrid), the chamber group Trio De Magia premiere La bujía de Stromboli, work for saxophone bass, piano, percussion, electronics and video, with texts Pilar Martin and Eduardo Momeñe video. The piece was commissioned by the XIII International Contemporary Music Festival in Tres Cantos and is written for the Trio De Magia, joining in the show "The uncertain paths", part of the show "The uncertain paths", an interdisciplinary project which also includes works by Pierre Jodlowsky, Alberto Posadas, Voro García and Roberto Lopez-Corrales. Stage direction is by Carles Gómez Vicent Royo and is responsible for the sound system, as well as a series of short electroacoustic pieces that join pieces together. The concert features LIEM technical support.

The Kuraia Ensemble performs "Metaphors of metals" in the COMA´13 Festival

The Green Room of Teatros del Canal will be the place where on Sunday September 15 at 12 a.m., Kuraia Ensemble, conducted by Andrea Cazzaniga, will perform Metaphors of metals, Sergio Blardony work for clarinet, violin and piano. Also, the ensemble will perform works by E. Lawrence J. Susi, B. Cerrato, J. Jacinto and E. Alonso. The concert will take place in the context of XV International Contemporary Music Festival of Madrid COMA'13.