"La bujía de Stromboli" at the XXVII International Spring Festival of Salamanca

The New Ensemble of Segovia perform La bujía de Stromboli, for ensemble, electronics and video, on texts by Pilar Martín Gila and video by Eduardo Momeñe, at the XXVII International Spring Music Festival of the XX and XXI Centuries. The concert will take place in Salamanca, on Tuesday, March 24 at 8 pm. in the High Conservatory of Music of Castilla y León.

World premiere "Una historia donde nieva fuera"

On February 21, at 7 pm, Continuum XXI will world premiere Una historia donde nieva fuera, by Sergio Blardony on a poem by Pilar Martín Gila, written for baroque ensemble (recorder, baroque violin, viola da gamba, harpsichord and speakers). The premiere will take place in the Sala Manuel de Falla of SGAE, in Madrid, in a presentation program for this baroque and contemporary ensemble that includes works by José M. Sánchez-Verdú, Telemann, Berio, Alberto Bernal and Ligeti.