"Himno a la intemperie" at Teatros del Canal, Madrid

On Sunday, October 22, at 12 pm., the violinist Mari Carmen Antequera play Himno a la intemperie, work for violin and multichannel electronic by Sergio Blardony, about poetic texts by Pedro Provencio, and with the voice in off of the actress Aurora Herrero. The concert will take place in the Green Room of Teatros del Canal (Madrid), in a Grup Instrumental of València concert, within the Ensembles Festival. Also will be performed works by Nuria Núñez, Julián Ávila, Raf Mur Ros, Raquel García-Tomás and Eduardo Soutullo.

World premiere "Rastro de murmullos" al COMA'17 Festival

On Sunday October 15 at 19h., at auditorium of the Getafe Conservatory, will world premiere Rastro de murmullos, work by Sergio Blardony written from a text by Pilar Martín Gila. The piece was commissioned by INAEM and the Quodlibet magazine as a didactic work, and is written for soloist quartet and variable ensemble. The premiere, within the COMA'17 Festival, will be performed by UAM Orchestra conducted by Enrique Muñoz with Juan Muñoz, Jordi Hidalgo, Sara Ropero and Álvaro Llorente as soloists. The concert will also include performances by Fernando Lázaro, Flores Chaviano, Sebastián Mariné and Alejandro Moreno.