Interview on Spanish National Radio about the CD "Se oye gritar entre sueños"

Radio Clásica (Spanish National Radio), interviews Sergio Blardony and Pilar Martín Gila about the CD "Se oye gritar entre sueños", which contains music by the composer from the poems Otro año del mundo of the poet. During the interview you can listen to the works Erle and Se oye gritar entre sueños, performed by OCNOS Project, the ensemble that stars in the CD.

"Se oye gritar entre sueños" in the Música Viva programa of Radio Clásica

On the morning of Sunday, January 12, at 1 pm, the Música Viva program (Spanish National Radio), conducted by José Luis Besada, will dedicate a space to the review of the CD "Se oye gritar entre sueños". This CD, published by Columna Música, contains works by Sergio Blardony about the poetry book Otro año del mundo by Pilar Martín Gila, pieces performed by the OCNOS Project ensemble, with the clarinetist Gustavo Domínguez Ojalvo, guitarist Pedro Rojas-Ogáyar and the sopranos Rocío de Frutos and Trinidad Perea.