Premiere of video with 8D audio of "Aural"

On Monday, February 3, an video with 8D audio of the clarinet version of Aural is premiere, work by Sergio Blardony written at the request of clarinetist José María Santandreu. The video is a production of the performer himself and investigates the proposal of the musical work: movement in space as a form of sound play.

Concert-presentation of the CD "Se oye gritar entre sueƱos" at CICUS in Seville

On Thursday, January 30, at 8 pm., the concert-presentation of the CD "Se oye gritar entre sueños" will take place, with works by Sergio Blardony on the poems Otro año del mundo by Pilar Martín Gila. The protagonists of the album will participate, Project OCNOS -with Rocío de Frutos, Trinidad Perea, Gustavo Domínguez Ojalvo and Pedro Rojas-Ogáyar- and the authors, interviewed by Ismael G. Cabral. During the concert the world premiere of the work that gives title to the CD will take place. It will be in the CICUS in Seville within the Músicas Actuales cycle.