"La madre parada" on the new CD by David Hernando VĂ­tores

The new CD of the saxophonist David Hernando Vítores, within his project HARIA, dedicated to contemporary music for this instrument, includes the version for baritone and electronic saxophone of the work La madre parada by Sergio Blardony, piece written on a poem by Pilar Martín Gila. The CD contains works by Jean-Claude Risset, Jacob ter Veldhuis, Vitor Rua, Thierry Alla, Karen Tanaka, François Rossé, Christian Lauba, Fuminori Tanada, Matthew Soto, Nickos Harizanos, Jesus Villa-Rojo, Manuel Comesaña, Serban Nichifor and Barry Cockcroft.

World premiere "Red Werther"

On September 9, at 7,30 pm., at the La Neomudéjar art center in Madrid, world premiere Red Werther video art, with music by Sergio Blardony and the collaboration of the cellist Trino Zurita.