"Red Werther" at Synchresis Program 36

On Tuesday, January 29, at 12 pm, you can see and listen Red Werther, video creation by Marta Azparren with music by Sergio Blardony and the participation cellist Trino Zurita. It will be within the program 36 of Synchresis that is celebrated in the II Cultural Week of the CPM "Manuel Carra" of Malaga. The program includes works of video music of Claudia Larcher, Daisuke Nakajoh, Pedro Linde and Francesc Martí.

Monographic CD at issue 56 of Sibila magazine

The magazine Sibila has published in its issue 56 a monographic CD with four works by Sergio Blardony about texts from the poetry collection Otro año del mundo by Pilar Martín Gila. The works, written for different instrumental ensembles between voice, clarinet/bass clarinet, guitar and electronics, are performed by the Sevillian ensemble Project OCNOS. The publication includes several poems from that book as well as a text about the music and poetry project written by Ildefonso Rodríguez