World premiere "Locura" at Maison de Victor Hugo in Paris

The soprano Sylvie Robert and the pianist Clotilde Ovigne will premiere on Saturday, January 20, at 3:30 pm, the work Locura by Sergio Blardony, written on a poem by Pilar Martín Gila. The concert will take place at the Maison de Victor Hugo in Paris, and the program will be repeated the next day, same time and place.

"Todo próximo e intocable" at Canary Islands

On Friday, December 30, the guitarist Airam De Vera Ramos performs Todo próximo y intocable, a work by Sergio Blardony written for a guitarist with two guitars, and suggested by a poem from the book Otro año del mundo by Pilar Martín Gila . The piece can be heard at a FAIC concert dedicated to the guitar at the Canarian Museum of Las Palmas (Canary Islands), along with other works by Eduardo Diago, Jonás García Rodríguez, Gustavo Díaz-Jerez, Leandro Ramos Peña and María Dolores Romero.