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Hacia Kjaer (CD included in the book Ordet by Pilar Martín Gila)

Work by Sergio Blardony and improvisation by Ildefonso Rodríguez, Chefa Alonso and Peter Memmer

Amargord Ed. ISBN: 8494176951

Content: This CD contains two musical pieces based on the book poems Ordet by Pilar Martín Gila.
01. Entre el murmullo y el vuelo [22:20]
Stage action for actress, sopran/bass saxophone and electronics / Sergio Blardony
02. El abrigo de la luz [17:40]
Improvisation for electronics, bass clarinet/bawu and kechapi / Chefa Alonso, Peter Memmer, Ildefonso Rodríguez
Performers: Andrés Gomis (saxophones), Prado Pinilla (recitation) (01)
Chefa Alonso (kechapi), Peter Memmer (electronics),
Ildefonso Rodríguez (bass clarinet/bawu) (02)
Recording: Auditorium of the Professional Conservatory of Music of Getafe.
Sound engineer: Peter Memmer.
Label / publisher: Amargord Ediciones - Trasaltántica col.
Format: DDD - Stereo
Catalog: ISBN 10: 8494176951
ISBN 13: 9788494176951
Distribution: Book stores, Amazon, FNAC, etc.