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Sueña el río (2016)

Soprano, clarinet & electronics. Poem by Pilar Martín Gila.

Instrumentación: soprano (opcional) | cl. | electronics [2/4 chn.]
Date: 2016
Duration: 16'30"
Texts: Poetry book Otro año del mundo (La Palma, col. EME, 2015) by Pilar Martín Gila.
Voices in off (electronics): Pilar Marín Gila, Cova Villegas y Conxi Valero.
World premiere: RafelFestival 2016, 10/09/2016.
José María Santandreu (cl.), Conxi Valero (sopr.), Miguel Ángel Berbis (electronics).
Other performances: Festival COMA 2018, Sala Manuel de Falla de la SGAE, Madrid, 11/10/2018. Premiere without soprano version.
José María Santandreu (cl.), Sergio Blardony (electrónica).
Score: PDF (author edition).
Comment: Sueña el río is a piece for clarinet, electronic and voices that works on a poem from the book Otro año del mundo by Pilar Martín Gila. The intention of the work is to present different states of intelligibility of the text that question a linear, unidirectional listening. This is done by searching in different relationships between spoken and sung words, where layers are emerging from the others, and with the clarinet as a catalyst or sound mediator between different forms of voice, helping to establish or break links between them.

The poem carries an essential weight in the speech. From it comes the rhythmic flow, colour,
movement, light, presences... Although it may seem obvious, not a single note of Sueña el río
could exist without the poem on which it is based.