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Piedra en reposo (1999)

2 violins amplified.

Instrumentation: 2 vls (amplified)
Date: 1999
Duration: 10'
Commission: COMA Festival (AMCC).
World premiere: COMA'99 Festival. Teatro Real, Madrid, 11/6/1999.
Peter Manning, Jonathan Carney (vls.).
Score: PDF (author edition).
Recording: RNE-Radio Clásica (public Spanish National Radio).
Comment: The basic idea in the composition lies in the use of the instrument's own characteristics as a suggestion of a formal and discursive structure. Thus, the work is placed in a context of sonorous archaicism emanating from the use of primary (one could say primitive) sounds, and not of a traditional sonorous articulation, originating from a much more refined technique. The use of almost imperceptible sounds is one of the reasons for the need of amplification.