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La bujía de Stromboli (2013 - 2017)

Trio and ensemble versions. Texts by Pilar Martín Gila. Videoart by Eduardo Momeñe.

Instrumentation: trio version: bass sax | piano | percussion | electronics 4 channels | video
ensemble version: alto fl | bass cl | barit sax | piano | percussion | electronics 4 channels | video
Date: 2013 (trio version) / 2017 (ensemble version)
Duration: 15'10"
Text: Pilar Martín Gila.
Videoart: Eduardo Momeñe.
Commission: International Contemporary Music Festival of Tres Cantos / INAEM.
World premiere: XIII International Contemporary Music Festival of Tres Cantos, Teatro de la Casa de la Cultura, 9/29/2013. Trío De Magia, Carles Royo (stage director and lighting design), Vicent Gómez Pons (sound design), LIEM (technical support).
Other performances: XXV Jornadas de Música Contemporánea de Segovia, La Cárcel_Segovia Centro de creación, Ex.Presa 2 Hall, 11/4/2017. Nuevo Ensemble de Segovia, Chema García Portela (cond.), Adolfo Núñez (electr.).
XXVII International Spring Festival of Music of the XX and XXI Centuries. High Conservatory of Castilla y León (Salamanca), 3/20/2018. Nuevo Ensemble de Segovia. Chema García Portela (cond.), Adolfo Núñez (electr.).
XXXI Spanish Music Festival, León dos mil'18, Ángel Barja Concert Hall (León), 9/25/2018. Nuevo Ensemble de Segovia. Chema García Portela (cond.), Adolfo Núñez (electr.).
Score: PDF (IFIDMA).
Recording: IFIDMA (audio & video)
Comment: In La bujía de Stromboli (“The Candlestick of Stromboli”), the idea that organizes the composition of these works draws on a literary piece written specifically for it by Pilar Martín Gila, which will serve as a starting point for the development of the music and the components of the scene (video and lighting).

A trip from Catania to Stromboli, brings into play the setting (action, destiny, stillness), through three discursive moments in which the collective voice of the navigator speaks; the log book (linear journey, the journey with a destination); the poetic prose (the impossibility of arrival, the action not destined); the poetry (the impossible return, the action ceased in an unearthly space).

The wind is the driving force of the journey; its absence, immobility. The sea is the space that both directs the journey and detains it. The open space in which, paradoxically, cannot be escaped; it does not permit a destination. Stromboli is a consecrated place (mythical) that cannot be approached nor be neglected.

The music is presented in a manner that counters the text, avoiding any descriptive reference in order to deepen the discursive forms it takes on (logbook, poetic prose and poetry), forcefully denying all lyricism in the poetry and searching for the highly expressive, in a literary game of the story about the action.
More info: Website of the show "Los caminos iniciertos".